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Tennessee Jump$tart is a non-profit organization comprised of approximately 50 individuals and organizations representing business, government and education who have joined together to improve the personal financial literacy of Tennessee’s youth.

Tennessee Educators Explore the World of Personal Finance at the Seventh Annual Tennessee Jump$tart Personal Finance Teacher Conference

The Tennessee Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy will host its seventh annual financial literacy educator conference June 8-10, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, at the Park Vista Hotel. The conference is designed to prepare educators to teach the Tennessee high school personal finance course and will allow teachers to receive the employment requirement to teach the course. 

The conference is open to all Tennessee educators and students enrolled in education programs at Tennessee colleges and universities who would like to further expand their knowledge of personal finance and obtain materials for teaching personal finance topics in the classroom. 

The opening session will recognize six Tennessee teachers who have excelled in incorporating personal finance in their classrooms. Dr. Dan Smith, Angel Sliger, Sara Faulkner, Angie M. Rushing, Brenda L. Daniel and Frances Baugh will each receive the Tennessee Jump$tart Excellence in Teaching Personal Finance Award.

Workshops will focus on the four personal finance standards (income, money management, spending & credit, and saving & investing). Some of the breakout session topics include: Fitting the Pieces Together for Academic and Career Success, Personal Finance – Standards, Course Planning and More, Financial Aid 101: How to Get Money for College, Keys to Success – Understanding Bank Procedures and Services, Understanding Compensation: Teaching Students the Dollars and Sense of Employment and Navigating Markets: The Basics of Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds.

General sessions will include Fun and Games with Personal Finance and Best Practices—Teacher Roundtables. Teacher Roundtables will host conversations regarding: Mortgage Modifications Issues and Scams, Keeping Bias Out of the Classroom, Financial Emergency Kit, Identity Theft, Social Media and Personal Finance and Retirement Investment Trends.

“Tennessee Jump$tart is committed to providing quality learning opportunities for educators,” said Kristina Canan, Tennessee Jump$tart Co-President. “Our partner organizations are dedicated to working together to conduct educational initiatives that allow teachers to enhance their skills”

Tennessee recently added a course in personal finance to the high school curriculum, which will be required beginning with those students graduating in 2013. To be eligible to teach the course, teachers must have specific endorsements or participate in a training approved by the Tennessee Department of Education, such as the Tennessee Jump$tart Conference.

In 2010, Tennessee Jump$tart and its partner organizations trained nearly 3,500 teachers with an estimated student reach of more than 135,000 students.

In a 2009 study of college students conducted by Sallie Mae, 84% of undergraduates indicated they needed more education on financial management topics. In fact, 64% would have liked to receive information in high school. “The need for financial literacy in Tennessee is great and these teachers should be commended for taking their personal time to participate in the conference,” said Kristina Canan Tennessee Jump$tart Co-President. “The personal finance course is an opportunity for the teachers to make a positive impact on Tennessee’s financial future.”